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She has been exposed to our herd sire, Mr S7B Austin 3/16 and serious inquiries are welcome. Price: $3,200

Ms 4T 234
Ms 4T 234

Ms 4T 234

"Lily" calved in June 2020. Sired by JDH Sir Jennings Manso 920/8, son of the 2014 International Grand Champion Bull, JDH Clanton De Manso 313/8, She is developing very good bone, a long body with nice muscling. Her docility is improving and she will occasionally take cow cookies by hand.

With a pedigree that also includes (+) JDH Woodson De Manso 206/7 and "THE MACHINE" (Mr V8 380/6), we believe she has a future of producing outstanding Brahman progeny when bringing in our herd sire`s (+) JDH Sir Liberty Manso 847/5 lines. 

To further enhance the genetics in our program, we will be adding the exquisite bloodlines of "BRC Noble" (Mr V8 458/7)! We are very excited about this direction and thus, this is the reason Lily (above) and "Cream Puff" (below) have been added to our sales list. 

She has been exposed to our herd sire, Mr S7B Austin 3/16 for a December 2022 calf. Serious inquiries are welcome. Price: $4,250 and she'll be available in April after her calf is weaned.

C-W Miss Showtime

"Cream Puff" is an extremely feminine female. She's a 1400-pound package and her profile catches everyone's attention! She has a smooth shoulder that leads into a beautiful extension, depth of body,  good loin, level hip and a large and long muscled top line. She consistently produces good boned and nicely muscled offspring with outstanding docile natures. Also, with her black tip ears she has the potential for pigment versatility. Cream Puff has been our matron cow and her gentle nature is not only passed to her offspring, she teaches the youngsters through her excellent example. 

COR Mr Showman 121  

COR Mr Showman 121, calved in December of 2021. A product of our herd sire Mr S7B Austin 3/16 and his dam is C-W Miss Showtime. It's early but we are thrilled with the quality and potential we are seeing so far. His bone, muscling, and exquisite topline are developing very well and evaluating his potential will be ongoing as he continues to mature and develop. We are excited to see how the iconic (+) JDH Sir Liberty Manso 847/5 lines will complement this cross. He will be available in April after he is weaned.

COR Miss Showstopper 120

Her sire line of International Champions includes Mr V8 987/7, "THE MACHINE" (Mr V8 380/6), and (+) JDH Karu Manso 800. She calved in October of 2020 and she is developing an outstanding phenotype with the bone, muscle and stance to be a strong addition to our breeding program. Her docility is excellent! She's curious and trusting and you might have to watch out that she doesn't jump in the side by side with you at feeding time.

Below are some of the commercial Brahman cattle we've sold as far away as Branson, Missouri!