Carefully selected for their correct conformation, disposition, type and solid athleticism, the offspring from our Morgan mares will continue the high percentage old government breeding through La Cheval Knight Royale, and their pedigrees are unique too! Click here to see a sample of the foals we've produced.

Bests Savannah (Be-sts Top Kat x OMM Ojos Azules) 2011 Palomino, e/e, A/a, N/Cr, 15.3 hands, Savannah is an exquisite mare that was destined for motherhood. She's the on-site nanny for all of the foals and she's producing taller Morgans that are conformationally correct, athletic and true to the breed standard.

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See her foals:

Hazelrun Dominique (NR Mighty Mouse x Ragtime Easy Street) 2016 Smoky black, E/e, N/Cr just over 14.1 hands

"Minnie" has been an exceptional producer for us and and her colts are expected to mature 14.3h or more. Conformationally she is everything we pride ourselves on in a broodmare extraordinaire! Her pedigree is remarkable as well with 2 crosses to the multi World Champion UVM Promise. Her brother, R-Two Black Jack, was World Champion in Reining.

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Shez Beyond Marvelous (Marvelous City Lights x Marvelous Amore) 2018 Buckskin splash pinto Morgan, (E/E, A/a, SW1/SW1, nCR). "Mariah's" color genetics are simply amazing. She is a rare homozygous splash and homozygous black based buckskin. All of her foals will be black splash, bay splash, buckskin splash or Smoky black splash. She can never produce chestnut or palomino offspring and there's a high probability the splash gene will produce a lot of white in her foals. A pinto would indeed be very exciting and her foal by La Cheval Knight Royale will no doubt be suitable for sport, performance, breeding or pleasure!

Buckskin Splash Morgan homozygous for both black and splash, and she has two gorgeous blue eyes too! This will be an exceptional rare cross with La Cheval Knight Royale! 

Wyandot Classy Lady (Heartquest Erin x Bramblerun Annie's Lace) 2007 bay mare

Janee's pedigree is jaw-dropping and her athleticism aligns with her very strong Funquest lines on top and bottom of her pedigree. Her sire is Heartquest Erin, Reining World Champion. Other highly regarded stallions include Funquest Erick; Funquest Thunderbird; Funquest Falcon and more. This will be another exceptional Morgan sport horse cross and we are anxious to see the results. Janee is homozygous for the Agouti gene and all of her foals by La Cheval Knight Royale will be bay (75%) or chestnut (25%).