All of our mares have been carefully selected for their correct conformation, disposition, type and solid athleticism, with pedigrees that complement the resulting offspring in the matings. Each of their pedigrees are unique and we pay careful attention to the healthy preservation of the Morgan horse gene pool should any of our Morgans continue on as breeding stock. Click here to see a sample of the foals we've produced.

All of our mares tested negative for PSSM1.  

Bests Savannah (Be-sts Top Kat x OMM Ojos Azules)

2011 Palomino, e/e, A/a, N/Cr, 15.3 hands, Savannah is an exquisite mare that was destined for motherhood. She's the on-site nanny for all of the foals and she's producing taller Morgans that are conformationally correct, athletic and true to the breed standard.

Her pedigree is Brunk and Government breeding and contains the breed's most prolific sire, Courage of Equinox. Her pedigree also includes 2 lines to Equinox Benn Adam; the first World Champion, Bennfields Ace; and Regional Champions Equinox Katmandu (Hunter Pleasure); and her sire, Be-sts Top Kat (Dressage). Pedigree

See her foals:

  1. Selah It Is Well Smoky black, colt, living in Oklahoma
  2. Selah First Knight's Kiss Palomino, filly, living in Vermont

Hazelrun Dominique (NR Mighty Mouse x Ragtime Easy Street) 

2016 Smoky black, E/e, N/Cr and just over 14.1 hands. "Minnie" has been an exceptional producer for us and and her foals are maturing 14.3h. Conformationally and athletically she is everything we pride ourselves on in a broodmare extraordinaire. Her offspring's quality is not surprising. She has 2 lines to multi World Champion, UVM Promise. TVM Empress was World Champion in 1977, 1979, 1980 and 1981 in English Pleasure and English Pleasure Driving, and other successful Morgans in the show ring. Her brother (same sire), R-Two Black Jack, was 2011 Reining World Champion and Reining National Grand Champion, and 2009 Grand National Reining 1st year-green. Pedigree

See her foals:

  1. Selah OverKnight Promises, homozygous dominant black colt
  2. Selah Midknight Highlight, Palomino colt

Minnie's foals have sold quickly for us and color possibilities include: Black, Smoky black, Palomino and Chestnut. On occasion we may sell her foal in-utero so please feel free to inquire!

Shez Beyond Marvelous (Marvelous City Lights x Marvelous Amore) 

2018 Buckskin splash pinto Morgan, (E/E, A/a, SW1/SW1, nCR). "Mariah's" color genetics are simply amazing and we are very excited her quality and color are a part of our breeding program. She descends from the highly regarded Marvelous Intrigue (Regional Hunter and In-hand Champion, and her source of Splash) through Marvelous Ideal (Lippitt Champion Sire of Get) and her pedigree adds additional Lippitt Club foundation influence on several other lines in her pedigree

"Mariah's" foals are the results of crossing her to a different strongly bred Morgan line and we have been excited over the results! They are exceptional prospects for sport, performance, breeding and pleasure.

She is a rare homozygous splash and homozygous dominant black buckskin. All of her foals will be black splash, bay splash, buckskin splash or Smoky black splash. 

Her foals:

Selah's Splashing Ovation, rare homozygous dominant black splash filly

Mariah produced the only known dominant black splash filly in the breed in January 2024 by La Cheval Knight Royale, and she's a homozygous dominant black splash too! Scroll down.

Wyandot Classy Lady (Heartquest Erin x Bramblerun Annie's Lace) 

Her foals:

  1. Selah Lady Jane's Empress, chestnut filly

Janee color genes are Ee AA and her pedigree is remarkable through her strong Funquest lines on top and bottom of her pedigree. Her conformation and athletic ability are well aligned with the quality anyone familiar with her pedigree would expect. Her disposition is fantastic as well and she's sensible, calm, intelligent and willing. 

Her sire is Heartquest Erin, had a prestigious performance career as 2003 and 2012 Reining World Champion, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Grand National Reining Champion. Other highly regarded stallions include Funquest Erick; Funquest Thunderbird; Funquest Falcon and more. Janee contributes other well regarded government lines through Querido, Tehachapi Allen and more. Her foals are exceptional sport or performance horse prospects, or ideal pleasurable trail mounts for homes not interested in competition.  

Janee is homozygous for the Agouti gene so she can not produce black foals.

Selah's Splashing Ovation (La Cheval Knight Royale x Shez Beyond Marvelous)  

2024 homozygous dominant black splash (EE aa n/SW1, and the only one known to exist in the breed.

It will be quite some time before this stunning filly joins the broodmare line-up and she possesses all of the quality her late sire, La Cheval Knight Royale, consistently passed on to his foals. When crossed to JMF Moonlight Bandit, the pedigree and quality will be a culmination of 3 strong Morgan family lines tracing to the most notable Morgans in existence today. All of her foals will be black and 50% of them will be splash (potential for white markings).

A special mention - Mandy was sold prior to the sudden and untimely death of her sire. Her new owner made the incredible sacrifice to allow Mandy to remain here with us so that she could continue her sire's remarkable bloodlines in our program. We are hugely indebted and grateful that this wonderful woman has such a huge heart!