La Cheval Knight Royale

Knight's sudden and unexpected death from a lightning ground strike in April 2024, was a devastating loss to our family, our program, and the Morgan breed. There is not a day that goes by that his royal presence, goofy and playful antics, and his immense kindness and love is not profoundly missed. We lost a stallion that brought us more happiness than we could have ever imagined and we will continue to carry his legacy forward. Knight will forever remain a part of our lives, and the lives of the owners that are honored to have his exceptional quality that he consistently passed on to his get. Knight was the best of the past for the future of tomorrow. April 27, 2018 to April 10, 2024.

La Cheval Knight Royale Pictures

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Ancestral Show Records

Knight's pedigree is rich in the blood of Morgan horses tracing to the old government (US Cavalry) breeding at the US Government Morgan Horse Farm (1907 to 1951), and continues today at the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm (UVM prefix). Knight echoed the highly desired characteristics of Morgan horses bred for the Remount Service and systematically bred horses for the US Cavalry beginning in 1918. This family line of Morgan horses is found in nearly every Morgan today with the exception of the Lippitt and clean-blooded Lambert families. This family line is known for their steady intelligence founded on boldness, soundness, willingness, and proven athletic ability. Knight was a fine tribute to his historic and legendary heritage and he was a magnificent specimen of today's Morgan Horse.

Knight was a sireline (male-tail) descendent of Black Hawk through the government foundation stallion, General Gates 666, in addition to many notable and historic sons and daughters across multiple lines. His female-tail line traces to the government foundation mare, Gertrude, (11.16% AGR) who also traced to Black Hawk on the top and bottom of her pedigree.  Knight's carefully planned pedigree made him a high percentage descendent of Justin Morgan 1 through his most famous grandson, Black Hawk.