Our Mares

Our mares were carefully selected for their correct conformation, wonderful dispositions, and solid athleticism. Their carefully planned pedigrees bring a wealth of proven ability and genetic strength to their offspring when crossed to the strong old government bloodlines in La Cheval Knight Royale through the famous Morgan, General Gates, (foaled in 1894 and died in 1920).

As a lineal descendent of Justin Morgan 1, General Gates was the outstanding foundation sire of the US Cavalry Morgan horse dynasty (USDA Morgan Horse Farm). This family later became known and recognized as the Government family or Cavalry Morgan horse. It is quite remarkable that General Gate's influence in Knight's pedigree maintains a direct sire line on top and in his dam's sire line on the bottom. It is indeed very exciting that Knight's foals will descend in a remarkable 15 generations from the breed's foundation sire, Justin Morgan 1 (foaled in 1793 and died in 1820). To our knowledge there are no other government-bred Morgan stallions in existence today that carry such high percentages through General Gates to Justin Morgan 1 on the top and bottom of their pedigrees. If you know of any please let us know! As stewards of this historic bloodline, our preservation efforts are dependent on the best representatives of this family in order to sustain it for future generations to enjoy!  

Bests Savannah (Be-sts Top Kat x OMM Ojos Azules) 2011 Palomino, 15.3H Pedigree / Video / Video 2 / Video 3More pictures  

Savannah is my personal mount and equine soul mate alongside Knight. She brings her size and strong Flyhawk bloodlines as a proven cross to the old government bloodlines of La Cheval Knight Royale. She moves effortlessly with grace and balance and she has an exceptional willing disposition with superior intelligence.  Sensitive and caring in nature, we're excited that she will bring color and size to her foals who will carry highly esteemed and sought after bloodlines based on exceptional and proven quality. 

Hazelrun Dominique (NR Mighty Mouse x Ragtime Easy Street)  

"Minnie" is the newest member of the broodmare band and she is huge in quality and pedigree. Her foals by La Cheval Knight Royale will have sire lines of descent to General Gates on the top through the sire, and on the mare's sire line. The resulting offspring will possess high percentage old government breeding through a proven linebred pedigree dating back to 1908. 

Their foals will have 4 lines (sire; 4th, 5th, dam; 6th and 7th generations) to the 4 time World Champion, UVM Promise. This cross combines high percentage old government breeding with a lovely amount of Brunk family breeding through the best known stallions Flyhawk (14 crosses) and Jubilee King (12 crosses).  This Morgan family had a significant influence in the foundation of the Western Working Morgan as prized stock and performance horses.

Acquiring her creme gene from Chingadero's last recorded son, H-Saracen, she adds the potential of producing a smokey black, black, palomino or chestnut! No bay or buckskin is possible in this cross. Minnie stands just over 14.1H tall and we are expecting this cross to produce an outstanding foal that will reach 14.2H plus.