Our Mares

Our mares were carefully selected for their correct conformation, wonderful dispositions, and athletic ability. Their pedigrees also add a wealth of quality to their offspring and the Morgan breed when crossed to the strong old government lines of La Cheval Knight Royale.

1.  LR Amie Nightmare (Artistic Flaire x LR Amie Sweet Dreams) 2007 Brown, 15H Pedigree / Video Training, More pictures / Ancestral Show Record  FOAL DUE JULY 2021

This grand lady, Hannah, descends from a pedigree of successfully shown ancestors including Noble Command, Noble Flaire, KEW Glory to Glory, HVK Vibrance, Heart to Heart, and Doves Breeze On. Her beauty and grace is consistently  passed on to her offspring, and this gal loves to use her wings to soar over jumps! It's not surprising because Artistic Flaire is her sire, a Morgan very successful in Eventing! She's kind, athletic, and possesses the balanced movement we seek to perpetuate in our foals.

2.  Bests Savannah (Be-sts Top Kat x OMM Ojos Azules) 2011 Palomino, 15.3H Pedigree / Video / Video 2 / Video 3More pictures / Ancestral Show Record   FOAL DUE JULY 2021

Savannah is my personal mount and equine soul mate alongside Knight. She brings her size and strong Flyhawk bloodlines as a proven cross to the old government bloodlines of La Cheval Knight Royale. She moves effortlessly with grace and balance and she has an exceptional willing disposition with superior intelligence.  Sensitive and caring in nature, we're excited that she will bring color and size to her foals who will carry highly esteemed and sought after bloodlines based on exceptional and proven quality. 

Our senior mare presents us with a cross I've waited man years to produce. As an aging mare with some of the best of the best behind her, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of her foals. Her foal, when crossed to the successful show lines in La Cheval Knight Royale, will carry on the legacy of the highly sought after old government breeding that traces back to 1870! A proven show mare and producer of show Morgans, her royal presence and exquisite balanced movement is a site to behold!

Her sire and dam is the golden cross of UVM Lash and UVM Mystic that has consistently produced Morgans who have excelled in an out of the show ring. Integrity is full sister to UVM Equity and UVM Jubilant, notable sires from the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm. Her full sister, UVM Unity, had an impressive show record, including two-time World Champion mare. Another full sister, UVM Loyalty, is the dam of Argosy. Argosy has an esteemed show record in the Pacific Northwest region, and UVM Loyalty has produced other superb Morgans for Heart's Delight Morgans of the Miner Institute. The notable list and success stories of her siblings are numerous and we are honored and excited to continue the lineage of these proven bloodlines. Her foals will have the added bloodlines of UVM Promise, 4 time World Champion, and the national show winner, UVM Tennyson, through the sire, La Cheval Knight Royale.