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The Government family of Morgans, An Introduction by Gail Perlee

General Gates, Cornerstone of the U.S. Government Morgan Horse Farm

Bennington 5693, Blood Will Tell, The Morgan Horse Magazine by Marsha Valance 2017

The Famous Full Brothers of The U.S. Morgan Horse Farm by Brenda Tippin

General Gates, Foundation sire of the Original Cavalry Morgan Horse through the U.S Government Morgan Horse Farm

Breeding Morgan horses at the U.S. Government Morgan Horse Farm, November 1921

Artemisia A Blue Hen Mare, by Laura Stillwell Algranti, The Morgan Horse Magazine 1986

Artemisia, Blood Will Tell, The Morgan Horse Magazine

Stallions Are Transferred to War Department

The Early History of the US Morgan Farm by Calvin Hanson, The Morgan Horse Magazine

The above story is well written and offers a historic glimpse into Justin Morgan (Figure's) sire who was True Briton's. This story is about his owner, Selah Norton so it takes the reader back to the generation before the breed's foundation stallion was born.  Purely coincidental, this man's name was not known to us when our breeding program's prefix was established.