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Foal #1 - La Cheval Knight Royale x LR Amie Nightmare - Due July 2021

What an exciting foal due that is due! With the winning pedigrees behind the sire and dam, this foal is expected to be quite a sport horse and is expected to mature to approximately 15 hands. Color possibilities include black, bay and chestnut.

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Foal #2 - La Cheval Knight Royale x Bests Savannah - due July 2021

This foal has been highly anticipated and we couldn't be more excited! Savannah is my heart horse and it was a difficult decision to put her in foal.  She will add size and the possibility for color on the proven cross of old government and Brunk breeding. We expect this foal to be 15.2 hands at maturity and color possibilities include palomino, buckskin, black, chestnut and bay.

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Foal #3 - La Cheval Knight Royale x UVM Integrity - to be announced

A PEDIGREE OF CHAMPIONS on the top and bottom, including 4-time World Champion, UVM Promise!

The goal in this cross is to perpetuate the "golden cross" of Bennington x Artemisia from the early 1900's government breeding program. The cross presents a foal with 90 crosses to Bennington (25.24% blood percentage), and 63 crosses to Artemisia (19.38% blood percentage). It is quite remarkable to replicate, to the extent possible, the highly regarded "golden cross" from nearly 100 years ago. Using individuals carrying the highest concentration of these and other notable government-bred Morgans, preserving the "type," genes, and health of the family that descends from the historic US Government Morgan Horse Farm has been an ambitious motivation. In limiting the outcrossing that diluted the genetic influence in the family, the concentrated individual contributions will strategically shape the foal's genetic composition so it is passed on to future generations . It's exciting to carry on the old-government bred legacy with an appearance ("type") that resembles decades of the family's most notable sons and daughters both in and out of the show arenas.   

Foal #4 - La Cheval Knight Royale x Hazelrun Dominique - to be announced

A PEDIGREE containing 4 crosses to the famous 4 time World Champion, UVM Promise!

This foal will be born a black, Smokey black, palomino or chestnut and we are anxiously waiting to confirm Minnie is bred for a September 2021 foal.  Stay tuned!

SOLD Morgans

SOLD! Lakota Joe
SOLD! Lakota Joe

SOLD! Lakota Joe (OGO EASTWEST COAST x SANDALS LAKOTA ROSE) found his forever home in north TX! More pictures

We have no other Morgans for sale at this time but check back to see our exceptional foals arriving in 2021!