The original U.S. Cavalry Morgan horse

We are producing authentic registered Morgan horses with undeniable beauty and excellent conformation for use as sport, performance, or desirable pleasure mounts. Occasionally we may have a Morgan horse available for your consideration that isn't on our sales list! If you don't see what you may want, please contact us!

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The old government family of Morgan horses is irrefutably significant in the Morgan breed today and our foundation is built on our very high percentage stud,  La Cheval Knight Royale (UVM Abington x UVM Kassandra). Knight has a remarkable pedigree and he possesses crosses on the top and bottom of his pedigree to the famous 4-time World Champion, UVM Promise.

The US Government bred Morgan was carefully developed in 1907 to preserve the endangered Morgan breed following the introduction of the automobile. At the turn of the century there was a diminished need for useful Morgan horses strong in the field, and as quick and stylish harness and riding horses. Under the direction of the US Remount Station, the program improved the brood stock available and thereby produced the most elite Morgan horses ready to serve the nation in whatever capacity required. They went on to excel in many disciplines in the show ring and they were also sent out west to improve other Morgan horses bred for difficult ranch work on prominent cattle ranches. The government bloodlines are found in nearly every Morgan horse alive today, including the Western Working family, however, there are not many that perpetuate this line in such high concentration. Our goal is to preserve the old government-bred family because of  its quality and the unquestionable contributions that have withstood the test of time. They are highly sought after for their optimal success in a wide range of equine disciplines.