La Cheval Knight Royale 

(UVM Abington x UVM Kassandra)

Knight is a grandson and great grandson of the four-time World Champion UVM Promise, and grandson to the Grand National Champion, UVM Tennyson, sire of the Grand Champions UVM Opportunity and Cum Laude Nell. Being 13 generations from Justin Morgan (foaled 1789) Knight is a magnificent specimen of today's Morgan Horse. He possesses all the attributes to carry on his legendary heritage. 

This color tested heterozygous black colt has the athletic ability, conformation, and a disposition that most people dream about! His pedigree is immense in old government breeding through a remarkable pedigree that traces to the US Government Morgan Horse Farm, and the highly recognized Morgans bred at the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm. 

Almost 14.3H at 24 months, we expect him to mature to approximately 15.1 to 15.2H. Knight will service a couple of mares in 2020 due to his immature age but we invite you to follow his progress as he continues to mature, go into training, and he gets his first foal on the ground! 

Pedigree / Ancestral Show Records

This comparison to Mansfield reveals the government-bred consistency
This comparison to Mansfield reveals the government-bred consistency