Introducing the original U.S. Cavalry Morgan horse!

Color tested heterozygous black and just under 15.1h as a 4-yr old.
Color tested heterozygous black and just under 15.1h as a 4-yr old.

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La Cheval Knight Royale

(UVM Abington x UVM Kassandra), black Morgan stallion

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Knight was bred to preserve, in high percentage, the most influential bloodlines in the Morgan breed today. He descends from a wealth of old government (US Cavalry) breeding from the US Government Morgan Horse Farm (1907 to 1951). He echoes the characteristics of Morgans bred for and used in the US Cavalry - a steady intelligence founded on boldness, soundness, willingness, and proven athletic ability. Knight is a fine tribute to his historic and legendary heritage and a magnificent specimen of today's Morgan Horse.

Knight stands to a limited number of approved mares here on the ranch. We do not ship for artificial insemination.

Knight is a sireline (male-tail) descendent of Black Hawk through the government foundation stallion, General Gates 666, in addition to many notable and historic sons and daughters across multiple lines. His female-tail line traces to the government foundation mare, Gertrude, (11.16% AGR) who also traced to Black Hawk on the top and bottom of her pedigree.  Knight's carefully planned pedigree makes him a high percentage descendent of Justin Morgan 1 through his most famous grandson, Black Hawk.  

His late sire, UVM Abington, represents the legacy of the four-time World Champion, UVM Promise, sire of 216 foals, who descended from the highly regarded government stallions, Tutor and Stanfield. Knight is grandson to the Grand National Champion, UVM Tennyson, dual performance / in-hand champion and sire of the Grand Champions UVM Opportunity and Cum Laude Nell. UVM Watchman (x Petalbrook Sigmalect), was sire of several top level show horses, among other prolific Morgans in and out of the show and sport horse arenas.

His Foals:

Historic note: When the US Cavalry was phased out for the preferred tanks and armored vehicles, ownership of the remaining government-bred Morgans was transferred to five universities, including the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm (UVM prefix).

The highly desired and historic Remount program produced functional cavalry mounts that underwent rigorous testing so only the most superior stock was used to preserve and improve the breed's finest attributes. Knight is rich in the blood of many notable government-bred Morgans descending from the foundation stallion, General Gates (1894). It is quite remarkable that Knight's sireline to this foundation stallion has been maintained in the breed for more than 100 years. Knight is also an amazing 13 generations from the breed's founding stallion, Justin Morgan (1789). To learn more about the government-bred Morgan family, click here.

History repeats itself

Mansfield to Knight >100 years apart
Mansfield to Knight >100 years apart

Mansfield (Bennington x Artemisia) influence on Knight's pedigree: 47 crosses and 29.06% genetic relationship. Mansfield has been credited by many as being the most famous and influential Morgan stallion of the 20th century.

Bennington (General Gates x Mrs Culvers) influence on Knight's pedigree: 86 crosses and 25.19% Genetic relationship. Initially used as a sire of US Cavalry mounts, Bennington sired many of the most famous of the Government Morgan Horses.

Graceful contour of form
Graceful contour of form

General Gates (Denning Allen x Fanny Scott) foaled in 1894 and his influence on Knight's pedigree: 66 crosses at 15% genetic relationship. The value of his blood remains a significant influence in the breed through the sire lines of 4 of General Gates most famous sons.  It is a remarkable sire line (and female-tail line) legacy that continues on through La Cheval Knight Royale.