La Cheval Knight Royale 

Color tested heterozygous black
Color tested heterozygous black

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(UVM Abington x UVM Kassandra), black stallion 

Tragically, Knight was killed by lightning on April 10th, 2024. In his nearly 6 years, he was adored by all who met him. He well represented his family line, the breed, and everything a Morgan and his offspring should be in mind, body and athletic ability. His loss is unimaginably devastating.  

Knight was selected to head our program based on his historic heritage and the immeasurable success of the original government-bred Morgan horse. Continuing the highly prized tradition of excellence for over 115 years, Knight's proven pedigree and superior quality traced to the most influential and successful bloodlines in the Morgan breed without any modern bloodlines. 

Knight had beautifully balanced athletic movement that was captivating. He was kind, gentle-spirited, and his boldness and intelligence were superior. These are remarkable qualities that he consistently passed to his Morgan and non-Morgan offspring for competition or pleasure. His legacy is that he truly preserved the best of the past for the future of tomorrow and his descendants will carry his greatness forward.

His sire, UVM Abington, sired many athletes and carried on the legacy of his 4 time World Champion sire, UVM Promise. Promise sired 216 foals with many of them having had tremendous success in the show and sport horse disciplines. He descended from the highly regarded government-bred stallions, Tutor and Stanfield

Knight was grandson of the enviable Grand National Champion, UVM Tennyson, dual performance / in-hand champion. He sired the Grand Champions UVM Opportunity, Cum Laude Nell and UVM Windfall (Hall of Fame) with many of his get having had admirable show careers. 

There's too many prestigious horses behind Knight's pedigree to mention them all! UVM Watchman (x Petalbrook Sigmalect), was sire of several top level show horses, among other prolific Morgans in and out of the show and sport horse arenas. 

His Foals:

Bests Savannah

  1. Selah It Is Well, Smoky black, 2021 colt, sold as a suckling

  2. Selah First Knights Kiss, palomino, 2023 filly, sold as weanling

Hazelrun Dominique

  1. Selah OverKnight Promises, homozygous black, 2021 colt
  2. Selah Midknight Highlights, palomino,  2023 colt, sold as a suckling
  3. Selah Still Of The Knight, 2024 Chestnut filly

Shez Beyond Marvelous

  1. Selah's Splashing Ovation, 2024 black splash filly

Wyandot Classy Lady

  1. Selah Empress Lady Jane, 2024 chestnut filly, sold in utero

Outside Mares

  • CoCo, bay tobiano 1/2 Morgan, 2022 filly